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Meet Brendan

I believe learning to trade requires a unique approach. It’s not all about intuition and gut feel, but instead understanding how markets work from an intellectual perspective; there are plenty of those who make traders lose money because they don’t have a solid knowledge base in place first.

Having been funded multiple accounts, I have had great success in my strategy and success in educating others. I believe in my strategy and mindset that will provide you with the knowledge to work toward becoming a self-sufficient trader.

The Forex market is a confusing place to begin with. My mission has always been one centered around helping others understand the Forex market and see it as not confusing, but actually very transparent.

My Goal

Too many traders give up on learning the skills because they lose their capital, or are not educated properly. My goal is to educate those who are interested in learning how to trade properly, without having to open a live account. BT Trading Investment will fast-track your education to prepare you for the challenge of receiving a funded trading account.

Meet the Team

Brendan Tontodonati


Jordan Buckley

Accounts Manager

Torben Cohrs

Business Development Manager

Julia Ligteringen & Linda Do


February 1st 2021

BT Trading Investments was launched to help people who knew of Brendan’s success in trading to get easy access to his sessions. The aim was to educate them on the simplicity of trading and how anyone could incorporate it into their busy lifestyle with his strategy
BT Trading’s first client got funded with 200k capital and started trading full time.

March 30th 2021

September 1st 2021

25% of BT Trading clients were fully funded, while 5% had quit their jobs and started trading full time with trading as their full time income.
Incorporated trading psychologist, Dr Gary, into the business after noticing that most clients could trade with a large capital on a demo account but once they started to trade with a live account their mindset was the hardest skill to manage

October 2021

Meet Dr Gary

Are you ready to invest in your future?

“I was using another platform to study forex which I learned a lot of the basics on but I was never able to find myself being consistent and successful.

Since joining BT Trading Investments I found an improvement in my ability right away, which is a credit to support and the team around me.

I was guided and practiced on a demo account for 2 month and in my third month I was able to pass the FTMO challenge. I would like to extend my gratitude to BT Trading Investment.”

– Ryan Atheos

“All the hard work and studying has paid off. To be a fully funded forex trader at a Proprietary Trading Firm keeping 70% profits monthly.

A big shoutout to BT Trading Investments and Brendan Tontodonati for all the help you consistently give and to all the people in our team for all the support and great team environment we have.

This is just the start to my trading career. There will be more funded accounts to come.”

– Jusuf Hatibovic

“A lot of hard work and studying, and I passed the challenge with flying colours.

Honestly, thank you so much, $200,000 funding is going to change my life, and it was all possible because the company you have put together has taught me a profitable strategy

You refined my knowledge of the markets, and have introduced consistency and structure into both my mindset and skill set.

This wouldn’t have been possible without your help – thanks so much, Brendan.”

– Harrison Health

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    Risk Disclosure

    BT trading Investments offers general and advanced education advice that does not take into consideration factors such as your trading experience, personal objectives and goals, financial means, or risk tolerance. If you have any concerns, it is suggested that you seek advice from a professional financial advisor. Keep in mind that past performance is no indication of future results.