Jordan's BT Trading Journey

Meet Jordan

Just four months ago, Jordan was exhausted. Sick of night shifts and long hours at work he often thought there should be more to life. Like most of us, Jordan was finding he had less and less time for his lifestyle, and was working harder and harder to earn money. He often commented he didn’t want to be somebody that looked forward to Friday, and wanted to enjoy his weeks.

Jordan decided to join BT Trading from a word-of-mouth referral and instantly was drawn to Forex Trading. It wasn’t an easy sell and he was sceptical at first – but seeing other community members excel and succeed fuelled his desire to learn.

Within just a few weeks of joining BT Trading, Jordan made a bold decision to go all-in. He quit his full-time job to pursue learning his new found passion. 

Within his first four months, Jordan passed a prop firm’s challenge and was funded $200,000 capital using the BT Trading strategy. 

In October 2021, Jordan made his first withdrawal of $16,000 – more than four times his wages as a hard working electrician. 

Jordan said besides the money, the biggest win is he has gained control back over his time and feels freedom. He can go to gym throughout the day, doesn’t have to work any long hours or nightshifts and has more time to spend with his partner.

Jordan's Number One Tip

“Too many people are stuck in the cycle of working hard, trading their time for money and feeling trapped. I was sceptical at first about the concept of not risking my own money and forex trading itself. But the more I watched, listened and learnt, the more I found that this was just an opportunity of a lifetime that I couldn’t let slip. My number one tip is to let go of the scepticism and dive straight in – you’ll be angry at yourself once you realise that you should have started sooner.”

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“I was using another platform to study forex which I learned a lot of the basics on but I was never able to find myself being consistent and successful.

Since joining BT Trading Investments I found an improvement in my ability right away, which is a credit to support and the team around me.

I was guided and practiced on a demo account for 2 month and in my third month I was able to pass the FTMO challenge. I would like to extend my gratitude to BT Trading Investment.”

– Ryan Atheos

“All the hard work and studying has paid off. To be a fully funded forex trader at a Proprietary Trading Firm keeping 70% profits monthly.

A big shoutout to BT Trading Investments and Brendan Tontodonati for all the help you consistently give and to all the people in our team for all the support and great team environment we have.

This is just the start to my trading career. There will be more funded accounts to come.”

– Jusuf Hatibovic

“A lot of hard work and studying, and I passed the challenge with flying colours.

Honestly, thank you so much, $200,000 funding is going to change my life, and it was all possible because the company you have put together has taught me a profitable strategy

You refined my knowledge of the markets, and have introduced consistency and structure into both my mindset and skill set.

This wouldn’t have been possible without your help – thanks so much, Brendan.”

– Harrison Health

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